Mr. Barrel achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Kill 200 metalic enemies.

Fire fighter

Kill 200 fire enemies.

No way to outsiders!

Kill 200 X.

The best servant

Survive 60 seconds at restaurant at "hard of the hards."


Survive 60 seconds at arena at "hard of the hards."

Fire fighter - Mastered

Kill 500 fire enemies.

The inhibitor of the mess.

Survive 60 seconds at Restaurant II at "hard of the hards."

SbHF6 - Mastered

Kill 500 metallic enemies.

No way to outsiders! - Mastered

Kill 500 X.

Too gaseous

Fill 200 glasses of cola.

The Winebibber - Mastered

Fill 500 chalices of wine.

The Winebibber

Fill 200 chalices of wine.


Fill 200 bottles of beer.

Cola collector

Collect 200 glasses of cola.

Beer collector - Mastered

Collect 500 bottles of beer.

Wine collector

Collect 200 chalices of wine.

More coffee, please

Fill 200 cups of coffee.

Coffee collector

Collect 200 cups of coffee.

Cola collector - Mastered

Collect 500 glasses of cola.

Too gaseous - Mastered

Fill 500 glasses of cola.

Boozy - Mastered

Fill 500 bottles of beer.

More coffee, please - Mastered

Fill 500 cups of coffee.

Coffee collector - Mastered

Collect 500 cups of coffee.

Wine collector - Mastered

Collect 500 chalices of wine.

Beer collector

Collect 200 bottles of beer.