NieR:Automata™ achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 47 unknown)

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Resuscitated Body

Vestiges of Prosperity

First Errand

Complete your first quest.

It's a Healthy Baby Boy!

We Await Your Next Visit

The Circle of Death

Have your body collected.

Creation and Insurrection

The Mechanical Kingdom

Ruler of the Skies

255 enemies destroyed using a flight unit.

Ruler of the Deep

Those Who Love Humans

Iron Soul

One Battle Ends

Fighting's Not My Thing

Desire Without Emotion

At least 100,000 G in possession.

Come Take a Look!

A New Battle Begins

Treacherous Blade

Final Wish

Farewell, Pascal

Chip Collector

80% of all plug-in chips collected.


Crime and Punishment

Tools of the Trade

Any weapon upgraded to the highest level.

Wait! Don't Kill Me!

Beautiful World

Cherish Our Resources

Have 100 bodies collected.

Leaving for the New World

Pod Hunter

All Pods found.

Harvest King

Materials gathered at a hidden harvest point 10 times.

The Minds That Emerged

A Scanner's Power

Destruction is My Job

80% of all unit data unlocked.

Animal Rider

Any animal ridden for 5 kilometers.

Lunar Tear

The Mercenary

80% of all quests completed.

What Are You Doing?

Machines vs. Machines

A Round by the Pond

20 different kinds of fish caught.

Naughty Children

Information Master

80% of all archives found.

The Power of Hate

Not That I Mind...

Inorganic Blade

All weapons upgraded to the highest level.

Weapons Maniac

All Pod programs obtained.

Supreme Support Weapons

All Pods upgraded to the highest level.

Transcendent Being