Kick-Ass 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Partners in trouble

Rescue Dr. Gravity

Gothic nightmare

Fight your way through the Goths to the subway entrance

Careful with the hole

Reach the Goths' Lair in the subway

Killing Death

Defeat Black Death

Dime store

Cross Chinatown

Adults over 18 only

Reach Genghis Carnage's whorehouse

Villain Chop Suey

Defeat Genghis Carnage

Call for help

Leave the subway

The Sickle and Hammer

Survive the clash with Mother Russia

Kick-Ass to the rescue!

Reach the entrance to Headquarters

They're insideā€¦

Eliminate all the enemies in the Justice Forever Headquarters

I'm too young to die

Escape with your life from the Cemetery

Successful surgery

Get rid of the Tumor

See you later, Alligator

Chase the Tumor through the sewers

A walk in the Park

Cross Central Park

The Fall of the Wall

Defeat Mother Russia

Good Guys against Bad Guys

Survive the battle for Manhattan


Defeat Chris D'Amico's thugs


Finish off Chris D'Amico once and for all

Social network junkie

Find all the Wi-Fi hotspots

Cross out all the graffiti

Cross out the 24 graffities