Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 54 unknown)

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Trick bag

Suspicious minds

You've found your primary suspect.

Shell shock

Memory Motel

You've found a silky souvenir.

The mirror inside

I walked with a zombie


Push it

You pushed this one button we wanted you to push. Congratulations!

Is anyone home?

Fabulous disaster

Hey Hey Do The Zombie Stomp

Captain Jack

The mind is a terrible thing to test

You passed the test! Well, one of many.

Peace sells

Leave my girl alone

You and me

Live undead

Mister nice guy

Into the Void

Forged in fire

And water. And air. And earth.

Find the White Witch


Sleeping village

You made it into Hunter's Edge.


Truth be told

Gimme shelter

Time to kill


Feeble screams from forests unknown

You have safely entered Phantom Forest.

The world needs guts

The Deal

Grizzled finale

The wizard

Skull crushing finale

King Crab

You have entered the Gnik Barc Nni.

Grande finale

You have totally, completely, and utterly finished the game.

The Glimmer Twins

To hell with the devil

Whisky in the jar


You've Got That Something Special

Learn all the skills of one skill tree.

Father Lucifer

Caught in the game

That Voice Again


Stray Cat Strut

Kingdom come

The one that got away

Kill With Power

You finished the game in tactician mode.

Wicked young man


Finish the game with the Lone Wolf trait.

You keep me rockin

Sister of Mercy

Never Say Die

You finished the game in honour mode.