Blamdown Udder Fury achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 63 unknown)

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Now I Have A Machine Gun. Ho Ho Ho.

Unlock the machine gun

All roads lead to Chaos

Complete The Road

Wow such story

Animal Control Brutality

Destroy less than animal control


Destroy a FunkLift

Well Done

Complete City 321


Take your Revenge on Farmer Joe

And then the firenation attacked

Unlock the FlameThrower

Black Vulture Down

Complete The Road

Almost there

Unlock half of the Upgrades


Reach Chaos level 10

Well, isn't that Grand

Complete Grand Crayon

United States of Animals

Complete The Campaign

Duty Calls


Unlock the Prodder

Pew, Pew, Pew

Unlock the Laser Gun

I don't need your advice

Destroy all help signs

4th of July

Unlock the Fireworks

Godzilla GO

Destroy 500 Buildings


Chaos level 20

Cow Catcher

Kill 500 Netters

Aim is for loosers with limited ammo

Make Animal Control Destroy 500 Buildings

The Belgien Blue

Get All Defensive Cow Mutations in one go

Vroom goes BOOM!

Destroy 300 Vans

Skies are clear

Kill 250 JetPack Troppers

Animal Police Car

Destroy 300 Apcs

Godzilla GO Gold

Destroy 1000 Buildings

Legen...wait for it...

Chaos level 25

No More High Noon

Kill 500 Pistoleers

Point and Click

Unlock the Rail Gun

Skies are clear Platinum

Kill 750 Jetpack Troppers

Cow Catcher Gold

Kill 1000 Netters

Skies are clear Gold

Kill 500 Jetpack Troppers


Aim is for loosers with limited ammo Gold

Make Animal Control Destroy 1000 Buildings


Kill 500 SegWays

Respect My Authoritah

Destroy all buildings in a single campaign map

Aim is for loosers with limited ammo Platinum

Make Animal Control Destroy 1500 Buildings

Godzilla GO Platinum

Destroy 1500 Buildings

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bison

Reach chaos level 10 in survival without taking damage

Animal Police Car Gold

Destroy 600 Apcs

You're a wizard Harry

Unlock the Arcane Orb

Spank the Tanks

Destroy 250 Tanks


No More High Noon Gold

Kill 1000 Pistoleers

Cow Catcher Platinum

Kill 1500 Netters

The Raging Bull

Get the most offensive cowmutations in one go

The CattaCotta

Only Upgrade footsoldier, minimum 4 upgrades

No More High Noon Platinum

Kill 1500 Pistoleers


Reach Chaos Level 10 on Football Stadium

Animal Police Car Platinum

Destroy 900 Apcs


Unlock all the Weapons

Seg-what? Platinum

Kill 1500 SegWays

Vroom goes BOOM! Gold

Destroy 600 Vans

Seg-what? Gold

kill 1000 SegWays


Don Quixote

Reach Chaos Level 25 on Windmill

Spank the Tanks Gold

Destroy 500 Tanks

Gotta Collect em all

Unlock all Uppgrades

Wheels on heels

Get all vehicles upgrades in one game

Vroom goes BOOM! Platinum

Destroy 900 Vans

Spank the Tanks Platinum

Destroy 750 Tanks

Old McDonald HAD a farm

Complete The Farm