Devil's Dare achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Clear The Sewers

Mama, Just Killed A Man

Clear The Ghost Train

May Not Injure A Human

Clear The Hallway


Clear The Road

Didn't Mean To Make You Cry

Clear The Train Station


Perform 250 Fatalities

Killer Instinct

250 Monsters Killed

Must Obey Orders

Clear The Elevator


Clear The School Bus

Jon Rivera

Survive And Reach Night


Clear The TV Station

Must Protect Its Own Existence

Clear The Dark Hall


Perform 500 Fatalities

Murderous Intent

500 Monsters Killed

Annalee Call

Clear The Moses Island

Anthony Carboni

Make Loads of Cash

Children Of Satan

Clear To The Moon

David 8

Clear The Laboratory

I Sometimes Wish I'd Never Been Born At All

Clear The Woods Cabin

Carry On

Finish The Game With Bad Ending

You Had Just Played A Game

Clear The Floating Island

This Is The End

Finish The Game With Good Ending

This Is Madness

750 Monsters Killed


Clear The Elevator

Yoga Necklace

1000 Monsters Killed

Make Love

Perform 100 Massarce


Clear The Big Apple

Carry On, Carry On

Clear The Dungeon

Isaac Asimov

Clear The Boss Office

Double Dare

Finish The Expert Mode With 4 Bets

Not War

Perform 200 Massarce

Super Dead Meat

Game Over Again And Again

Monster Hunter

Fatality Kill Each Kind Of Elite Monster

Devil's Dare

Finish The Expert Mode With Good Ending And 4 Biggest Bets


Buy 10 Pendant

Dare Devil

Complete The Game Without Purchasing Any Upgrades