Alchemist achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Alchemy Apprentice

Make a potion.

The adventure begins

Get to the first lantern.

Are you an Alchemist for real?

Catch a mouse.

Dangerous alchemy

Stun a monster.

Frightening Alchemy

Stun 10 monsters.

Even this may come in handy!

Catch a butterfly.


Make 50 potions.

Devastating Alchemy

Stun 50 monsters.

No reward…

Rescue the NPC from the tower.

No one will escape!

Stun 7 monsters with a single explosion.

Crown of Alchemy

Make the Sorcerer's Stone.

Try everything!

Make at least one potion of each type.

Magic vs. Alchemy

When will the adventure end?

Get to the 30th lantern.

Silence is golden!


Not evil, really?

I am in a rush!