Nyan Cat: Lost In Space achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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UFO Escaper

A UFO abduction survived

Multi Face

Played with a skin other than NYAN CAT

Low Roller

Stayed on the lowest platforms at least for 30 seconds

High Roller

Stayed on the highest platforms at least for 30 seconds


Played in a world other than Space

Safe Nyan

Ran 1000 meters without touching any kind of enemies

Bomb Killer

100 bombs deactivated

Meeting Tac Nayn

Tac Nayn touched 9 times

Bonus Nyan

x250 score multiplier reached in a game

Always Energized

5 energy drinks collected in a game


Ran 25 seconds without collecting any food


42195 meters completed


10 enemies eliminated with Nyan Love

City Boy

Played 10 times on Nyan Cat City theme

UFO Visitor

A UFO abduction survived 25 times

Cow Collector

100 Cow items collected

Dog Dodger

5 times jumped over a doggy in a game

Veteran Bomb Killer

2000 bombs deactivated

Gold Platform Addict

Jumped on Gold Platforms 1000 times


100 enemies eliminated with Nyan Love