Fading Hearts achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Break the Bank

Cause a bank to fail

Sophia's BFF

Keep Sophia company

Bein' Friends

Convince Claire to break up with her boyfriend

Encounter Mystica

Meet the mysterious Magical Girl Mystica

The Secret World of Alex

Learn about Alex's past

"The Player's" Facade

Discover the truth behind the "The Player's" emails

Mystica's Identity

Expose Mystica's identity

The Final Boss

Engage the source of the shadows in a final showdown

Cabin Fever

Rewarded for being in a Log Cabin

Unsung Hero

Save a fellow IT worker from having a meltdown

Pursuing My True Self

Confront yourself


Be at the right time and place to avoid catastrophe

Secret of the Forest

Find the heart of the forest

Truth of Darkness

Uncover the truth behind the shadows

Fatal Exception Error

Cause a major glitch in an ending

Sole Survivor

Escape a calamity with only your life

Far Side of the Moon

See a hidden side of Rina's personality

Dead End

Meet a tragic end to your life