Mosby's Confederacy achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 13 unknown)

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Union Victory

Mosby got, 'got'

Virginia's Finest

Virginia’s Finest: You have done Virginia proud

War Hero

War Hero: Recognition for outstanding leadership and skills

Supply Train

The Union might as well have driven a supply train right to your house

Campaign Completed

Lead Mosby and his men through a complete campaign

Horsing Around

Was it really necessary to stable 35 or more horses?


Your efforts to secure the best medical care have been rewarded

Pack Rat

Loudin County is like a warehouse for weapon storage


Maybe you should not have thrown away so many lives of your men


The whole county informs you on the enemy movement

Sharps Dressed Man

You armed your men with outstanding weaponry

Swift Rider

You are among the best horsemen in the county

Pistoleer Extraordinaire

You are a wizard with a pistol