Colony Survival achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 39 unknown)

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Food store 1

Store 300 food

Colony size 1

Recruit a colonist

Knowledge is Power

You have at least 1 science lab in the stockpile.

Opened the Manual

Succesfully opened the manual

Disabled Quickstart

Succesfully disabled the quickstart screen

Colony size 2

It's a small settlement!

Food usage 1

Use 100 food daily

Food store 2

Store 1000 food

Colony size 3

It's almost a small village

That smells good

You have at least 10 flax in the stockpile.

Food usage 2

Use 250 food daily

Fancy Schmancy

You have at least 10 coated planks in the stockpile.


Succesfully join a multiplayer server

One small step for man

Completed the bronze anvil research

One shot, one kill

You have at least 50 bronze arrows in the stockpile.

My first science bag

You have a total of at least 1 science bag in the stockpile.

That'll Teach 'Em

Unlocked archery

I'm rich!

You have at least 100 gold coins in the stockpile.

Giant leap for mankind

Completed the bloomery research

Food store 3

Stored 9000 food

That's convenient

Got the hang of it

You have 100 colonists in a colony

You know how the shop works

You have at least 1 cherry sapling in the stockpile.

Is the mason free?

Unlocked stonemason

Suffer me now

You have at least 50 crossbow bolts in the stockpile

Our arrows will blot out the sun

You have atleast 1000 bronze arrows in the stockpile

I'm getting stronger

Completed the health size I researchable

The End of Manual Labor

Unlocked the digger

On top of the world

You have at least 1 snow in the stockpile.

I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning

You have at least 50 gunpowder pouches in the stockpile

So many colors

Unlocked the dyer

Cast a new light

Unlocked the lantern

Not because it's easy, but because it is hard

Completed the advanced science bag research

I need a new floor

You have a total of at least 50 carpet blocks in the stockpile.


You have 250 colonists in a colony


You have 250 colonists in a colony

Did you do this without cheats?!

Completed the banner range 5 research.

Light Festival

You have atleast 1 red, 1 green and 1 blue lantern in the stockpile

An apple a day

Completed the health regen IV researchable

Let's Remove that Mountain!

Complete the digger size 5 research