Mr Blaster achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Planet blaster

Shot more than 5 Times

Perfect shot

Hit with the first shot

Skull shot

Shoot the rival in the head


Victory in the first match

Satellites blaster

Shot the satellites in two rolls one by one


Multiplayer match finished


Skull shot in first shot

Killer space

Hit every shot in the match

Magic blaster

1000 stars

Starting multi blaster

Won 1 matches in multiplayer mode

Girl Blaster

Bolnde M


Win multiplayer match

Perfect blaster

Shot the skull and body in the match

Loyalty Blaster

Launch the game 10 Times

Steamer Blaster

Unlock Gaben exclusive character



Sport Blaster

Super Ball, Ferereo, Diver Cos

Move stars Blaster

Jojoer, Lolo Pink, Trans Black

Multi blaster

Fight 10 times in multiplayer mode

Medium multi blaster

Won 3 matches in multiplayer mode


Win 3 match in multiplayer

Skill blaster

Shot more than 3 skull shot in one match


Win with all rivals

The best multi Mr Blaster

Won 20 matches in multiplayer mode


Houston, Special Black, Yuri

Master Mr Blaster

Win 10 match in multiplayer

Be the best

Win versus Friend

Master Mr Blaster

Win 10 match in multiplayer

Advanced multi blaster

Won 7 matches in multiplayer mode

Expert multi blaster

Won 15 matches in multiplayer mode

Professional multi blaster

Won 12 matches in multiplayer mode