Infection: Humanity's Last Gasp achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Complete any level


Max out your bank account at $20k


Harvest four proteins in one turn


Discard a card in the store


Purchase everything available in the store


Kill a molecule that has only one or two sides exposed


Resolve any event


Resolve a personnel conflict

Hyper combo

Destroy 5 molecules in one turn

Cheap labour

Use an intern ability


Purchase an upgrade for one of your machines

Complete level 5


Swap two molecules in the sample

Ultra Combo

Destroy 7 molecules in one turn


Complete level 10

Everyone is dead

Lose a level

Win Streak

Win 5 consecutive custom games

For science!

Complete every AV list item in a given game

Close Call

Win when the death toll is at pandemic stage

Combo Kill

Destroy 3 molecules in one turn

Tight Fisted

Beat level 6 or above when making no purchases

Testing 1.. 2.. 3..

Engage in animal testing


Upgrade all machines


Successfully use a machine

Hazmats deployed

Use an ability that improves your containment

Kitting out

Purchase a piece of equipment

Slow and Steady

Win by harvesting no more than 2 proteins per turn

For a Rainy Day

Hold 20K in bank for 3 turns

Retail therapy

Empty your bank account

Freemium champ

Win a level that has the lab rental modifier

Who needs money

Win a level that has the limited funding modifier

Team Building

Hire a person


Complete level 16

Win Streak+

Win 10 consequtive custom games

Wni Streak++

Win 20 consequitive custom games

Not that severe

Win a level that has the severe mutation modifier