Lux Delux achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Welcome Luxer

Win a game.

Double Kill

Eliminate 2 players in one turn


Download a map plugin


Win 10 different maps.

Quint Kill

Eliminate all 5 other players in one turn

Castle Voxer

Become aware of Lux's sister, the team-based simultaneous-turns game Castle Vox


Win a game in 5 rounds or less

Online Luxer

Win a multi-player online game


Win 100 games

Large Division

Divide a large army using the 2-9 divisor hotkeys

Zero Hotkey

Decimate a large army down to 1 using the Z-click hotkey

Don't fear the Reaper

Beat 5 Reaper AIs

Fear the Reaper

Beat 4 Reaper AIs


Win 100 different maps.

Online Lux Contender

Win an online full-house game

Ancient Empires King

Beat the Ancient Empires Lux campaign on King difficulty or higher

Survive Full Doom

Win a game against 5 BotOfDoom AIs

Full House Biohazard

Win an online 6 human game on the Biodeux map

American History Major

Beat the American History Lux campaign on Major difficulty or higher


Craft a map into the Plugin Manager


Win 500 different maps

Tourney Champion

Win an Online Tournament

Full House Classic

Win an online 6 human game on the Classic map

Full House Expletus

Win an online 6 human game on the Imperium Romanum Expletus map

Full House Map of the Month

Win an online 6 human game on the Map of the Month

Online Lux Champion

Win 100 online full-house games

Online Lux Centurion

Win 100 multi-player online games