Anodyne achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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A Tool

Find the broom.

Temple Seer

You defeated the Temple Seer.

Grotto Rogue

You defeated the Grotto Rogue.

Cavern Wall

You defeated the Cavern Wall


You activated the windmill!

Hotel Manager

You defeated the Hotel Manager.

Apartment Watcher

You defeated the Apartment Watcher.

Circus Servants

You defeated the Circus Servants.

36 Cards

Collect 36 cards.

Sage's Challenge

You defeated Sage.

All Broom

Find all the broom upgrades.

All Health

Max out the health bar.

A Meeting

You defeated Briar!

100% Clear

Finish the game with over 37 cards, all the health and broom upgrades.

Lots of Cards

Collect all 48 Cards.

Fast 100% Clear

Complete 100% of the game in under 3 hours.