Gleaner Heights achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 49 unknown)

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Saw your abuse

Crop tops I

Ship 100 crops

Fisherman I

Catch 20 fish

Skill mastery

Reach max level for any skill

Fisherman II

Catch 60 fish

I've got you there

Crop tops II

Ship 500 crops

Ruined sentinel

Blue metal

Upgade any tool with Octotinium

Write that in your diary

Fisherman III

Catch 150 fish

Better home

Upgrade your house


Complete all town upgrades

Creme fraiche I

Ship 100 animal products

Crop tops III

Ship 1000 crops

Beat that blobber

Oh no I'm in

The good wine

A scammer darkly

Best home

Fully upgrade your house

Debt? What debt?

Made it walk straight

In pace requiescat

Abuse no more

No more poison

A whole new life

Get married

I hate blackmail

Robin Hood

Make a perfect score at the archery contest

New coop

Upgrade your chicken coop

I now have a Greenhouse

Have a greenhouse built

Forbidden passions

The dream is over

Annie's fine

Golden chicken

Win the chicken contest

Golden animal

Win the animal contest

New barn

Upgrade your barn

Creme fraiche II

Ship 500 animal products


Build all machines

Mushroom dealer

Goodbye Mr. Mayor

I love blackmail

Husband killer

Goodbye old fool

Lightning rider

Win the horse race

Creme fraiche III

Ship 1000 animal products

Kain and abel

That was delicious

Win the cooking contest

That was me

Master Chef

Cook every possible food