Windforge achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Grease Monkey

Repair your ship.

Quick Learner

Complete the tutorial chapter.

Free Falling

Fall through a whole area.

'Round the World

Travel around the world.

Kraken Hunter

Kill a Kraken.

Experimental Warfare

Complete all Wilhelm side quests.

Defender of the Realm

Defend Engelstrome from the SOC attack.


Max out the wisdom stat.

Whale Crush

Crush someone with a whale.

Leviathan's Tears

Kill Leviathan.

Custom Killer

Complete all Lars side quests.


Max out the vitality stat.


Max out the agility stat.

Self-Made Millionaire

Get a million dollars.

Whale Friend

Tame a whale.

Mammon's Demise

Kill Mammon.


Max out the strength stat.

Magnum Opus

Complete the Magnum Opus Key.


Beat the game.

Shipless Travel

Travel between two towns without a ship.


Beat the game without eating any meat.

Meat Beater

Kill something with a sausage.


Beat the game only eating meat.

Cordeus Connoisseur

Visit every area in the world.

Aetherkin Archeologist

Get all the ancient Aetherkin tablets.