Gladiator Trainer achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Agent of the Crown

Accepted Folke's assignment

The Green

Defeated the Champion of Greenwood

The Bright

Defeated the Champion of Sandworth

The Proud

Defeat the Champion of Waldley

The Unfettered

Defeated the Champion of the Dunes

Tying the Knot

Get married

Horse Whisperer

Visit a horse in your stables

The Unbroken

Defeated the Champion of Stonyford

The Worthy

Defeated the Champion of Wainton

Higher Education

Visit the Royal College of War

The Mighty

Defeated the Champion of Tonstead

The Legendary

Defeated the Champion of Willowsfall

Dark Mistress

Sanctify the crescent blade

Crown Champion

Defeat Emeric the Champion


Complete the main quest