Black Squad achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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New Beginning

Create call sign name

First Blood

Achieve first kill

Yeah! It's like a christmas

Receive first item

Lucky Day

Open any Random Box

Party Time

Play 1 Quick match

First step to the empty wallet

Buy first item in any shops


Achieve 100 kills

Lucky rookie

Achieve 20 headshots

Winner I

Achieve 10 wins

Good Friends

Add friends

Last Man Standing

Be the last survivor and win in Demolition mode


Achieve 100 headshots

I'm the Boss

Mount Calling Card

First day in clan

Join a clan


Stay away from me!

Defuse the bomb for the first time

Senior Soldier

Achieve Level 20


Achieve 30 melee kills

Human weapon

Achieve 2000 kills

Winner II

Achieve 100 wins


Achieve Level 30

Life is precious, man

Grab a gun, rookie

Participate in 1 clan match


Destroy your item once


Achieve 100 melee kills

One Man Army

Achieve 5000 kills

Sharpshooter Master

Achieve 1000 headshots

Senior Officer

Achieve Level 40

Higher-ranking Officer

Achieve Level 50

Winner III

Achieve 500 wins

My life for Blacksquad

This is FPS, use your gun

Achieve 500 melee kills

Field Officer

Achieve Level 60


Shining Star

Achieve Level 72

Black Squad