Hatoful Boyfriend achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Carve it into your soul, kid! LOVE BLASTER!

Complete Torimi cafe story (ED no.12)

It's a sad thing…

Get Bad ending (the hawks party killed you)

What May Come

Get Kazuaki ending (ED no.08)

Dream's End

Get Nageki ending (ED no.04)

While it lasts

Get Ryouta ending (ED no.01)

Into the Night

Get Sakuya ending (ED no.02)

Yuuya Only Lives Twice

Get Yuuya ending (ED no.05)

Song of the Foolish Bird

Get Sakuya full ending (ED no.03)

The Happy Couple

Get Shuu ending (ED no.10)

A Pudding Odyssey

Get Okosan full ending (ED no.07)

Until next time!

Get Okosan ending (ED no.06)

To the End of Emptiness

Get Anghel ending (ED no.11)

To be the True Java Sparrow

Get Azami ending (ED no.13)

Such Beautiful Eyes You Have

Get Shuu ending (ED no.09)

I'll be waiting…

Get BBL ending

…at the Dawn

Get the BBL epilogue (unlocked by getting all 14 endings)