Cattails achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 43 unknown)

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Welcome to the Forest Colony

Join the Forest Colony

Beginner Gatherer

Collect 50 herbs and berries

Turtle Whisperer

Win a turtle race

Beginner Fighter

Win 10 daily battles

Beginner Hunter

Catch 100 prey

Welcome to the Mystic Colony

Join the Mystic Colony

Love is in the Air

Begin dating a cat

Novice of the Wild

Complete 1 full year

Cerulean Champion

Catch a Bluejay

Expert Gatherer

Collect 250 herbs and berries

Flower Fanatic

Complete a perfect round of flower frenzy

Welcome to the Mountain Domain

Join the Mountain Domain

Curious Cat

Making it Official

Get married to a cat

Winter Wizard

Win a snowball fight without taking any damage

Seeker of Ancient Treasure

Find 5 Power Paws

Resident of the Wild

Complete 2 full years

New Parents

Have a litter of kittens

Expert Fighter

Win 50 daily battles

Pumpkin Prizewinner

Carve at least 10 pumpkins at a pumpkin carving competition

Crimson Conqueror

Catch a Cardinal

Restorer of Balance

Complete the Main Story

Expert Hunter

Catch 500 prey

Citizen of the Wild

Complete 3 full years

Archaeologist of Ancient Treasure

Find 10 Power Paws

Funny Looking Fish

Catch a Catfish

Dragonfly Discoverer

Catch a Northern Emerald

Home Improvement

Fully upgrade your den

Quality Time

Reach level 10 with one of your kittens

Freaky Firefly

Catch a Black Firefly

Classy Cat

Have 1000 mews on hand

Cold Hearted

Purchase a Black Rose

Beautiful Butterfly

Catch a Lunar Butterfly

Lucky Ladybug

Catch a Blue Ladybug

Canyon Miner

Reach level 100 of the Canyon Mine


Attain 100% reputation with all three major colonies

Prairie Miner

Reach level 100 of the Prairie Mine

Native of the Wild

Complete 5 full years

World Domination

Claim every possible map area for your colony

Mole Friend

Have 2000 mole cash on hand

Island Miner

Collector of Ancient Treasure

Find all 20 Power Paws

Expert of the Wild

Complete 10 full years