Wings! Remastered Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 12 unknown)

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Dogfight Kill All Enemies

Kill all enemies in a dogfight mission.


Been informed that you're an ace!

Kill All Strafe Targets

Destroy all the targets in a strafing mission.


Reached rank of Captain.

Bomb a Truck

Bomb a truck in a bombing mission.

Lieutenant Colonel

Reached rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

100 Kills

100 cumulative kills.

Land Damaged

Land a damaged plane in a dogfight mission.

Destroy Air Attackers

Destroy all air attacking planes in a single bombing mission.

Complete Without Roll Back

Complete the game without using the roll back.

Game Completed

Completed the game on normal difficulty.

Hard Game Completed

Completed the whole game on hard mode.