Titanfall achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 88 unknown)

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Like A Vacation

Completed training

Build Yourself

Created a custom pilot loadout

Best in Class

Finished as the top player on your team once

Customize Your Ride

Created a custom titan loadout


Survived an evacuation

Ride 'Em Cowboy

Rodeo-killed a Titan


Called in your Titan 25 times

Vortex Volley

Caught a projectile shot from a vortex with your own vortex

Halfway There

Reached level 25

I've Got a Name for That One

Renamed a custom loadout

Superior In Every Way

Killed 1000 AI soldiers

I Like A Challenge

Completed all challenges for a single weapon

All charged up

Killed 5 enemies with one Arc Cannon shot

Militia Pilot

Completed the Militia campaign

IMC Pilot

Completed the IMC campaign

Hitting My Stride

Got a 5 game winstreak

Death From Above

Killed 5 enemies by dropping a titan on them

Swampland Victor

Won a match on Swampland

Runoff Victor

Won a match on Runoff

Haven Victor

Won a match on Haven

War Games Victor

Won a match on War Games

Dig Site Victor

Won a match on Dig Site

Maxed Out

Reached level 50

Look Around

Snapped the necks of 10 Pilots

Export Victor

Won a match on Export

Sand Trap Victor

Won a match on Sand Trap

Going Pro

Played a ranked match

Zone 18 Victor

Won a match on Zone 18

Backwater Victor

Won a match on Backwater

My Generation

Became a second generation Pilot

I Wore 'Em Down

Won 50 Attrition matches

Tree Runner

Was airborne for 500 Meters on Swampland

I'll Take Cash

Discarded 100 Burncards in exchange for Black Market Credits

Stay Gold

Earned 50 Battlemarks in Ranked Play

The Bigger They Are

Killed 2 Titans as a Pilot in a single match on Sandtrap

My Robot Army

Hacked 20 Spectres using the Data Knife

Stars Shine Brightest

Earned 3 stars for a single map and mode

I Could Get Used to This

Used 5 Titan Burncards


Wallran for 5 kilometers

Frequent Flyer

Played 50 Campaign matches

Militia Elite Pilot

Won every Campaign level as a Militia pilot

All The Cards

Earned 500 burn cards

IMC Elite Pilot

Won every Campaign level as an IMC pilot

Dirt Nap

Killed 12 pilots in a single match on Dig Site

In the Darkest of Night

Earned a total of 50 Stars


Killed 12 Pilots in a single match on War Games

That’s Quite a Collection

Unlocked 50 Titan Insignias

It's Safer Here

Didn't touch the ground for 60 seconds on Swampland

Blood Water

Killed 200 enemies on Runoff


Killed 50 Pilots on Dig Site

I'm on Fire

Got a 10 game winstreak

Captured Everything

Won 50 Hardpoint matches


Killed 10 ejecting Pilots

I Killed Them All

Killed all pilots during the evacuation single-handedly

It's a Trap!

Killed an enemy with the trap on Export


Executed 2 titans in a single match on Haven

High Roller

Earned 500,000 Black Market Credits

Super Faded

Killed 100 Pilots on War Games

Hidden Export

Killed 25 enemies while cloaked on Export

For We Are Today

Completed all Daily Challenges for a day

Cold Desert

Killed 10 Pilots while Active Radar Pulse was active on Sandtrap

Easy Targets

Killed 10 Pilots as a Titan in a single match on Zone 18

I Stand Alone

Won 50 Last Titan Standing matches

Runoff Connoisseur

Played every game mode on Runoff

Swampland Connoisseur

Played every game mode on Swampland

Gen 10

Reached the highest Pilot generation

War Games Connoisseur

Played every game mode on War Games

The Voices Are in My Head

Purchased all Titan OS Voice Packs

Pilot Hunter

Won 50 Pilot Hunter matches

Flag Runner

Won 50 Capture The Flag matches

Pull Harder!

Killed an ejecting Pilot with the Plasma Railgun

Dig Site Connoisseur

Played every game mode on Dig Site

Export Connoisseur

Played every game mode on Export

Haven Connoisseur

Played every game mode on Haven

Big Spender

Purchased 100 items from the Black Market

All The Hardware

Unlocked everything

Swift Justice

Killed 10 Pilots while stim was active on Zone 18

Two's Good, but I Want Three

Earned at least 2 stars on 15 different maps in Frontier Defense

I've Seen It All

Played every gameplay mode on every map

Too Legit to Quit

Earned Gen 10 without using a Forged Certification on a regen challenge


Killed 15 titans while you had a Titan Burncard active on Haven

Zone 18 Connoisseur

Played every game mode on Zone 18

Backwater Connoisseur

Played every game mode on Backwater

Sand Trap Connoisseur

Played every game mode on Sand Trap


Melee killed 15 enemies while cloaked on Backwater

Side Pipe

Killed 25 enemies while wall running on Runoff

All Day Every Day

Completed 100 Daily Challenges


Killed an enemy with AMPed vortex shield deflection on Backwater