Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Bag Blisterz Booty

Bounty Blizterz Booty

Starting the Journey

Complete the Tutorial

Wash my hands of this mess

Take out Filthy Hands Floyd

Too Big For Your Bridges

Leap the broken bridge!

Clean the Water

Take out Looten Duke

Spank that booty!

Take out Boilz Booty

Dumb it down

Rescue Eugene Ius

Don’t be talkin’ ‘bout ma mama

Take out Jo Mama

Go Organic

Take out Meagly McGraw

Junkyard Challenge

Take out Packrat Palooka

Mine your business!

Take out Xplosives McGee

The Sleg Avenger!

Take out Lefty Lugnutz

Too Much Fuzzle Pie

Take out Fatty McBoomBoom

Grubb Idol

Find the hidden Grubb Idol

You know too much

Take out D. Caste Raider

You scratch my back

Take out Elboze Freely

Hidden What?!

Find the Black Market.

Giving a Leg Up

Take a boat from Bloody Bay and survive.

Dam Sekto!

Enter the Dam Facility.

Elevate yourself

Take out Gloktigi.

Back in the Village

Defeat the Wolvark attackers in the Native Village

Now there’s two?

Take out the two Gloktigi.

Smack down Sekto!

Defeat the corrupt Sekto.

Regain that spring in your step

Slakker Clakker

Finish the game on Easy

Dirty Water

Find the hidden entrance into the Wolvark Barracks

Go with the Flo. . .

Find a hidden bottle of medicine.

Get 'em

Bounty 250 Outlaws

Farmer Harmer

Kill Farmer Beeks

Get 'em goooooood!

Bounty 250 Outlaws alive.

Crystal Mess

Collect 25 orange crystals.

Finders, Filchers

Collect 40 Moolah chests.

Mo Moolah

Have 20,000 Moolah when you take the barge to Doc’s Mongo Retreat.

Free the Meat

Destroy the 10 hidden barrels.

Stranger Danger

Finish the game on Normal

Sekto Suicide

Finish the game on Hard