AKIBA'S TRIP: Undead & Undressed achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 46 unknown)

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Chained 50 attacks.

Sticking Things On Other Things

Over-Anxious Fanboy

Weapon Enthusiast

Collected 25 different weapon types.

Strip Amateur

Removed 50 articles of clothing.

It's Thanks To You That We Won

On the Level

Achieved level 30.


Tore 300 articles of clothing.

Just Can't Stop Hitting

Chained 200 attacks.

You're With...Kaito?!

Foot Fetishist

Collected 25 different types of footwear.

Pants Man

Collected 25 different types of lower body clothing.

The Decisive Battle

Novice Freedom Fighter

Cleared 10 unique side missions.

Fashionista in Training

Collected 25 different types of upper body clothing.

Let It All Hang Out

Chain-stripped 12 articles of clothing.

Total Image Change

Weapons, Man!

Collected 50 different weapon types.

Stayed the Course

Collector of All Things Hidden

Collected 100 pieces of underwear.

A New Awakening

Under There

Collected 25 different types of underwear.

Strip Specialist

Removed 300 articles of clothing.

Stare Into the Light...

Executed 20 finishers.

Veteran Freedom Fighter

Cleared 30 unique side missions.

The Sun In Her Sky

High King of Undressing

Little Sister Made Me OP

Eat This!

Connected 100 hits via counterattack.

Headgear Hexpert

Collected 25 different types of headgear.


Collected 25 different types of accessory.

El Diablo Fashionisto

Collected 75 different types of upper body clothing.

Living Embodiment of Her Happiness

Master of the Sudden Reversal

Executed Counter Strip 30 times.

The Warmth You Share

Money Monger

Acquired one million yen.

Your Idol Alone


The Next Great Stage

Master of the Lower Body

Collected 75 different types of lower body clothing.

Lucky With the Ladies

The Final Curtain Falls

Game Otaku

Ad Enough?

Collected 100 ad flyers.


Purchased items at every store.

Advent of the Akiba God

Obtained every trophy.