Echoes of the Fey - The Fox's Trail achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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Ask a full set of questions during an interview

Finish Day One

Complete the first day of your investigation.


Spy on someone during an optional scene as a cat

Thorough Detective

Ask all optional character questions.

Tall Tales

Listen to one of Simion's Leshin fables

Dreams of the Stage

Complete all optional side scenes with Luka

Finish Day Two

Complete the second day of your investigation.

Stolen Appointment

Forge your name in the appointment book of the low mage

Heremon Would Be Proud

Purchase and read one of the books from the bookstore

Finish Day Three

Complete the third day of your investigation and close the case.

Investigating in Style

Purchase and use an optional costume change for Sofya

As Your Doctor...

Complete all optional side scenes with Heremon

Drinking Dangerously

Visions from the Sky

Complete all optional side scenes with Arkady

Divided Loyalties

Lie to your client rather than betray another's trust

Peaceful Resolution


Getting Involved With the Case

Truth Above All Else

All the Right Answers

Give Luka the correct answers during your interview

Mystery Solved

Uncover Folren's fate by piecing together the clues yourself

On Second Thought...

Anger Tiatha and impress Heremon by avoiding a troubling case.

Keeping Quiet

Hell of a Motivation

Imperial Conspiracy

Keeper of Secrets

Painful Secret

A Mage's Friend

See all optional scenes with Kazamir