Burning Cars achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Pick up a health bonus when vehicle HP is less than 1.


Purchase an engine upgrade.


Come first place in a race.


Pick up 10 cash bonuses while racing.


Win a race completely unarmed.

Now this is a Real CAR!

Purchase the buggy.

Explosives Expert

Destroy an opponent with a mine.

Demolition Man

Destroy an opponent while receiving the weapon amplifier bonus.

Real Fighter

Earn $10,000 from destroying opponents.


Win a race without firing any equipped weapons.


Win the championship at easy difficulty!

Nitro Burner

Use nitrous 50 times.

Don't give up!

Continue your career after failing to win a cup.

Rich man

Earn $200,000 from racing.

True Champion! 

Win the  championship at hard difficulty!