Golf It! achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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First Shot

Hit the ball for the first time!

Hole in One

Get your first Hole in One!

Shooting Star

Hit the ball 100 times!


5 times better than par!

Times up!

Run out of time!


Win a match!

Hit it hard!

Hit the ball 1000 times!


50 times better than par!

Apprentice Winner

Win 10 matches!

Hole in One Challenger

Achieve 50 Hole in One!


250 times better than par!

Top Secret

Swing away Merrill!

Hit the ball 10.000 times!

Workshop upload

Upload a map or Blueprint on the Workshop!

Pizza with extra Cheese!

Expert Winner

Win 50 matches!


Create a custom map! (18 holes)

Hole in One Master

Achieve 200 Hole in One!


1000 times better than par!

Workshop Expert

Upload 5 maps or Blueprints on the Workshop!

Workshop Apprentice

Upload 3 maps or Blueprints on the Workshop!

Creative Creator

Create 5 custom maps! (18 holes)

Master Winner

Win 100 matches!

Hole in One God

Achieve 1000 Hole in One!

Workshop Master

Upload 10 maps or Blueprints on the Workshop!

Expert Creator

Create 10 custom maps! (18 holes)

Master Creator

Create 20 custom maps! (18 holes)

God Winner

Win 500 matches!