Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 60 unknown)

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Dirty hands

Fix your first car

Cash only (Bronze)

Collect 10 000$

Road test

Finish run on Test Track

I can afford that (Bronze)

Spend 10 000$ in shop

More than enough is too much

Pour to much oil

For sale

Renovate and sell a car

Cash only (Silver)

Collect 100 000$

I know how to use it

Unlock tablet

First blood

Pour old oil on the floor

Regenerator (Bronze)

Fix 100 car parts (exclude body)

No way...

Finish undone order

More experience!

Finish order with experience bonus

More money!

Finish order with money bonus

Appearance matters

Paint car

Connoisseur (Bronze)

Listen 100 songs

Scrap of metal

Buy car from junkyard

I can afford that (Silver)

Spend 100 000$ in shop

Inside matters

Detail interior of car

Vulcanizer (Bronze)

Balance 20 tires

Wrench master (Bronze)

Unscrew 1 000 bolts


Visit Racetrack

Screws on fire

Reach level 3 of unscrewing


Buy car from auction

Like a boss

Reach level 3 of garage expansion


Reach level 3 of discount

Like new

Repaint a car to factory color


Unlock all the tools

Cash only (Gold)

Collect 1 000 000$

Regenerator (Silver)

Fix 500 car parts (exclude body)

Rich guy

Buy new car in car salon

American Dream

Fix your first Bolt Hellcat

Regenerator (Gold)

Fix 1 000 car parts (exclude body)

Hammer that body (Bronze)

Fix 100 car body parts

The Dustman

Buy 3 cars from one barn

Explorer (Bronze)

Examine 250 parts

Vulcanizer (Silver)

Balance 100 tires

Dealer (Bronze)

Sell 25 cars

I can afford that (Gold)

Spend 1 000 000$ in shop

Hammer that body (Silver)

Fix 500 car body parts

Connoisseur (Silver)

Listen 1 000 songs

Parking boy

Unlock 10 levels of parking

Picky worker (Bronze)

Discard 100 orders

Kinda naked

Drop to 0$

Hammer that body (Gold)

Fix 1 000 car body parts


Finish all the special missions

Racer boy

Finish lap with time under 1 minute

Explorer (Silver)

Examine 1 000 parts

Dealer (Silver)

Sell 100 cars

Picky worker (Silver)

Discard 500 orders

Good old times

Fix 100 old cars

Picky worker (Gold)

Discard 1 000 orders

Specialist (Bronze)

Fix 375 cars

Vulcanizer (Gold)

Balance 1 000 tires

Connoisseur (Gold)

Listen 10 000 songs

Specialist (Silver)

Fix 750 cars

Wrench master (Silver)

Unscrew 100 000 bolts

Explorer (Gold)

Examine 10 000 parts

Dealer (Gold)

Sell 1 000 cars

Specialist (Gold)

Fix 1 500 cars

Wrench master (Gold)

Unscrew 500 000 bolts