RIVE achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 44 unknown)

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Breaking and Entering

Infiltrate Galaxian Service Vessel #6.

Captain Ahab

Defeat the Super Skywhale.

Sleeping with the Fishes

Eye of the Tiger

Defeat the Mega Smashbot.

01110100 01101000 01100101 00000001

Hack 50 enemies.

Master of the Universe

Defeat the RIVE endboss.

Pay Attention, Houdini!

Congratulations, you managed to escape the ship!

Hide and Reap

Destroy 25 enemies with a hacked turret, while hiding underwater.

Lock and Load

Fully upgrade your spider tank using the upgrade station.


Get a hacked Smashbot to destroy two other Smashbots.

Spray and Pray

Got Your Back

Destroy a Wily Walker without destroying its shield.


Find the secret L-IFE room.

Old McDonald

Ye olde farmer detected!

Access Denied!

Destroy the Wily Walker that follows you back into the starship in Mission 6.


Destroy 12 enemies with a single train.


Destroy 10 depleted nurse drones and harvest their loot.

Mint Condition

Burst through the hull in Mission 7 with full health.

Don't Shoot The Messenger

Finish a campaign without destroying DLL yourself.

Squeeky Clean


Play the Dutch anthem in the main menu.


Complete Mission 2 without destroying the Skywhale.

We Come in Peace

Reach the warp room in Mission 1 without shooting anything.

Pest Control

Destroy all baby taxis in the warp room when it’s flooded.


Destroy all floating mines in Mission 6.

Big Saver

Max out before Mission 9.


Get past the dropped container in the warp room in the Epilogue.


Destroy all malfunctioning kamikaze enemies in the Epilogue.

Smashed and Slivered

Destroy 2 Smashbots in the same fight using a shredder.

Doggy Style

Get rid of all laser turrets after being ejected into space in Mission 9.

Bronze Bigwig

Complete all Challenges with a bronze medal.

Follow the Leader

Get a nurse drone all the way to the top in Mission 3.

Fried Squid

Get 3 squid enemies to electrocute themselves on the train track during the Mission 4 gravity bubble fight.

Single Purchase

Complete a campaign with only 1 purchase.


Find all secret pickups.


Complete a campaign with 10,000 loot left.

Friendly Waters

Return to the warp room after completing Mission 10, without destroying any enemies.

Silver Surfer

Complete all Challenges with a silver medal.

New Sheriff in Town

Reach the final boss in a campaign mode without firing any special attacks.

God Mode

Defeat the RIVE end boss in Single-Credit Mode.

Golden God

Complete all Challenges with a gold medal.

But They're Harmless!

Find all innocent cockroaches on the starship, and kill them dead.

You Can Do It, In Theory

Complete all missions in Single-Credit Mode.

We Never Actually Tested This

Complete the entire campaign in Single-Credit Mode.