Izanami's Dream Battle achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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Melt the Ice Queen

Defeated Nieve for the first time.

Survived the Apocolypse

Defeated Fuego for the first time.

Don't Sneeze on Me!

Defeated Conejita for the first time.

I Can See Again!

Defeated Luna for the first time.

Piece of Cake

Cleared the game on 'Normal' difficulty.

Happy Halloween

Defeated Punkin for the first time - All Clear!

I Saw a Bunny Owo

Clear the game as Eione.

Imma Tickle You! >83

Clear the game as Florine.


Clear the game as Lauressa.

Why Would You Do This To Yourself?

Cleared the game on 'Why' difficulty.

Gimme Meh Candy! :O

Clear the game as Punkin.

Woah, intense

Cleared the game on 'Hard' difficulty.

Snap Out of It!

Defeated Izanami for the first time.

I'm a Danmaku God

Cleared IDB on 'WTF!?!?' difficulty.