Machine Made: Rebirth achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Save the game

New Player

Watch the tutorial

Nest Egg

Collect 1000 credits


Craft 1 item

Without A Trace

Steal your own medical files from Skycity after brawling the droid


Craft a Remedy Herb

First Boss

Defeat IPTN-7600


Mine 1 ore


Collect 5000 credits

True Zephyrim

Reach level 10 with Tibby


Gain the summon in Azara - Ancient Temple.

Escape Artist

Take a ship from the Hangar in Skycity


Fix the travelling merchant's truck in Lilya - Valley.


Watch one memoria sequence.


Complete Chapter Two.


Find 2 hidden chests in Migas Island - Cavern

Fit To Fight

Defeat the Gnoll in Lilya - Warehouse.

Freedom Fighter A

Liberate the fairies in Lilya as Tibby.

Freedom Fighter B

Liberate the fairies in Lilya as Jovial.

Yard Work

Cut down all the bushes in Township of Lilya - North Wall

In The Money

Collect 10 000 Credits


Read the Zephyrim Oath.

Dog Pound

Defeat the Zombie Wolf in Azara forest.

Mad Scientist

Reach level 10 with Jovial.

I, Robot

Reach level 10 with CSB-165B.


Defeat Lord Parthus.

Total Recall

Watch five memoria sequences.

Home Sweet Home

Rebuild the guardhouse in Lilya as the heroes' HQ.

Carissia's Quest

Finish Carissia's Quest in Fairy Village.

Jin's Quest

Finish Jin's Quest in Akei Village.

Lora's Quest

Finish Lora's Quest in Elead.

The Empress

Defeat Empress Aurora.