Battle Chasers: Nightwar achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 48 unknown)

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It's Just Beginning

You're Learning...

Unlock a Beast Perk

Apprentice Crafter

Craft an item

Trial By Combat

Barrel of Fun

Mystery Solved

Recover an item from the Mystery Cube

Beginner's Luck

Catch an Epic Fish

Seeing Red

Too Late

Brave by Default

Complete a dungeon on Legendary difficulty

Go On...

Kill one of the Beastmaster's Targets

Battle Ready

Unlock a Level 3 Battle Burst

That's Deep, Bro

Blood and Tears

Dirty Hands

Kill 500 enemies


Catch 50 Fish

Bad Moon Rising

The New Bitcoin

Acquire 200 Shadow Coins

Little Game Hunter

Complete 50% of the Bestiary

Lich, Please

Well Read

Unlock 50% of the Lore Book

Warming Up

Get a Mid level score at the Battle Arena

Master Crafter

Craft 50 items

Fresh Mint

Acquire 100,000 gold

Beauty is in the Eye


Unlock a Hero Skin

Behold, My True Form

Reach level 30

Vice Versa

The New Standard

Craft a legendary item

An Unstoppable Force

Acquire 1 of the Heroes' Ultimate Weapons

Are You Not Entertained

Get Max Score in the Battle Arena

Finders Keepers

Queen of the North

Mass Ruckus

Unlock All Battle Bursts

Like A Noss

Kill all the Beastmaster's Targets

The Looking Glass

Start NG+

Epic Crafter

Craft 10 Epic Items


Unlock all Hero Skins

Must Be Bored

Complete all dungeons on Legendary difficulty

All out of Bubblegum...

Acquire all of the Heroes' Ultimate Weapons

Risk Taker

Craft an item with less than 10% success chance

The Librarian

Unlock 100% of the Lore Book

No Parley

Rare Crafter

Craft 10 Rare Items

Fish Watching

Complete the Fishiary

A Fantasy, Finalized

Finish the game on NG+

Big Game Hunter

Complete 100% of the Bestiary