Duck Game achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Duck Gamer

Spawn 100 times.

Pillow Maker

Kill 1000 ducks with any one profile.

Flat Top Intervention

Crush 50 ducks.

Ritual Duck Gamer

Spawn 1000 times.


Win 10 online matches.

Power User

Play on 10 different custom maps.


Finish 50 whole games.


Play through a match that goes to 50 points.

Basement Dweller

Unlock the arcade basement.

Never Mined, I won

Win a round while standing on a mine.

Books are Fun

Win a round in a 4 player match by converting all players to your team.

Draw Breaker

Break 10 draws.

That's My Boy

Dr. Death

Kill 3 ducks at the same time with the Death Ray.

Arcade Master

Get best trophy in all challenges.

Hot Stuff

Spend 15 minutes on fire with any one profile.

Jukebox Hero

Complete Gamester (1674)