APB Reloaded achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 64 unknown)

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Olympic Contender

Earned by sprinting 50km in total.


Earned by killing an opponent in a vehicle with a grenade.


Earned by regenerating enough health to have healed you fully 99 times.


Earned by assisting groupmates kill 100 enemy players.

Seasoned Veteran

Earned by spending a full day of gametime opposed to enemy players.

Medal Chaser

Earned by winning 100 positive medals in opposed missions.

Criminal Mastermind

Earned by successfully completing 100 Missions.


Achieved the MVP status at the end of a match 5 times total.


Destroyed 100 vehicles while the driver is at the wheel.


Earned by killing 50 opposing players as a passenger in a vehicle.


Successfully completed 100 missions as an Enforcer.

Right of Way

Earned by killing 500 players with a vehicle.


Killed 10,000 enemy players.