Hack RUN achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 52 unknown)

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Accepted Offer

Localhost Started

System Command


Hack Routine

Gateway Server

Hacked the Gateway

Hacked Alice's Workstation

Hacked Brian's Workstation

Hacked Cathy's Workstation

Hacked David's Workstation

Hacked Elise's Workstation

Received a Message

Hacked the HR System

Hacked Frank's Workstation

Received (sales) Message

Hacked Gayle's System

Hacked Hank's System

Hacked Irene's System

Hacked Julian's System

Hacked into Kate's System

Received (admin) Message

Hacked the Admin

Received (urgent) Message

You Survived

Employer's Message

Received (playme) Message

Hacked Nigel's System

Hacked Olive's System

Hacked Peter's System

Hacked the QUERY System

Hacked the R.O.B.O.T. System

Received (idea) Message

System Updated

Hacked Sasha's System

Traced Employer

Hacked the Uplink

Received (plan) Message

Hacked Victor's Workstation

Received (dead) Message

Marie is Dead

The UFO Routine

Hacked Wanda's UFO System

Hacked Xander's UFO System

Freed Alice

The Prisoner Database

Hacked Yurgon's UFO System

Zyrgorkn Transmission

Hacked Diplomacy System

Coordinates Transmitted

You Won!

Yurgon's Voicemail