Dungeon Manager ZV achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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First Kill

Killed your first Hero

Knight's Emblem

Placed a Knight's Emblem item

100 Kills

Killed 100 Heroes

Monster Combo

Synthesized a new monster

Set the Last-Boss

Set a monster as Last-Boss

Dragon Egg

Found a Dragon Egg

Down to B3

Built down to level B3

Floor Element Change

Changed a floor element

1,000 Kills

Killed 1,000 Heroes

Set the Big Four

Set monsters as the Big Four

Dragon Knight Killed

Killed a Dragon Knight

Dragon Birth

Hatched a Dragon Egg

2,000 Kills

Killed 2,000 Heroes

Vaster Golem

Created a Vaster Golem (V-Golem)

Special Slime

Created a Special Slime (S-Slime)

3,000 Kills

Killed 3,000 Heroes

Dungeon Bottom

Built down to the bottom level

Vaster Demon

Created a Vaster Demon (V-Demon)

Wizard Killed

Killed a Wizard

5,000 Kills

Killed 5,000 Heroes

Zombie Dragon

Created a Zombie Dragon (Z-Dragon)

Finished the Game

Finished the game and watched the ending

Vaster Slime

Created a Vaster Slime (V-Slime)

Spirial Knight Killed

Killed the Spirial Knight

10,000 Kills

Killed 10,000 Heroes

Genrei Knight Killed

Killed a Genrei Knight

Vaster Dragon

Created a Vaster Dragon (V-Dragon)