60 Seconds! achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 56 unknown)

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All thumbs

Break or use something in your fallout shelter.


Survive 5 days in your fallout shelter.

I will survive!

Last for 10 days in your fallout shelter.


Stay in your fallout shelter for 20 days.

Home, sweet home

Get to the shelter before the bomb hits.

One way ticket

Die in your fallout shelter.

Last man standing

Stay alive in your fallout shelter for 40 days.

Duck and cover!

Survival is overrated. Stay to see the fireworks!

Family guy

Rescue the whole family.

The Dark Side

Show your evil self.


Collect 10 soup cans from your house.

Out of the Bag

Find a new companion.


Collect 10 water bottles from your house.

Atomic drill

Complete the government endorsed fallout drill.


Defend yourself without a weapon.

Be Prepared

Don't forget to stock your shelter.

New order

Meet the local 'law-enforcement'.

A gift

Receive a gift.

What goes around...

Give and get back.

Gotta get 'em all

Scavenge each item at least once.

Men in Black

Find your way into the VIP bunker.

This is the end

It's all over.

Rescue time!

Get rescued by the military.


Defeat three bandit attacks in one game.

New species



Complete one challenge.

Disco Roach

Make them dance.


Ram a toilet.

Girl Power

Live through the nuclear blast as Dolores.

Friend in need

Find a new friend.

A New Hope

Ally with other wastelanders.

Feline Domination

Look at me. I'm the captain, meow.

Dawkins Residence

Find Deedee's apartment.


Complete the Holidays! challenge.


Reconnect with old friends.

Mad Hatter

Put on a stylish hat.

No stone unturned

Fully explore your shelter.

Soup Can into Space

Reach for the stars.

Yes Man

Always say YES and win.


Trim Ted's beard the trendy way.

Enola Gay

Win a game in every mode on Little Boy difficulty.

Tora! Tora! Tora!

Ram 1337 obstacles in your house.

Konrad style!

Beat the fallout shelter survival record.

Cuckoo's nest

Turn your fallout shelter into a madhouse.


Show those mutant roaches who is in charge.

Pro gamer

In Apocalypse mode grab only what a real gamer needs.

Raining Cats and Dogs

There can only be one.

Cat Lady

Learn to serve and obey the new masters.

Manhattan Project

Win a game in every mode on Fat Man difficulty.


Rescue someone from the bandits.

Danger zone

Break or use everything possible in your shelter.


Always say NO and win.


Listen to the voices from beyond.

Fair Exchange

Perform 30 successful trades.

Dead Hand

Win a game in every mode on Tsar Bomba difficulty.

Not Alone

If you play it, they will come.