In Death achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 101 unknown)

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Lay Them To Rest I

Exterminate 21 Abominations



Temple Raider I

Slay 3 Temple Knights

Storm the Abbey I

Slaughter 23 Monks

Bone Collector I

Deal 10,000 damage in one afterlife

Torrent of Blood

Kill 101 enemies with Combat arrows

Harbinger of Pain

Score 26 headshots in one afterlife

Lay Them To Rest II

Exterminate 71 Abominations

Picking Up The Pieces I

Loot 6,000 gold pieces in one afterlife

Patron Of The Reliquary

Buy an item from a Reliquary

Storm the Abbey II

Slaughter 73 Monks

Temple Raider II

Slay 16 Temple Knights

River Of Blood I

Kill 9 enemies within a short time period

Harbinger of Misery

Score 56 headshots in one afterlife

Lay Them To Rest III

Exterminate 251 Abominations

Make it Bleed

Reduce Anakim The Abominable to 70% Health

Storm the Abbey III

Slaughter 233 Monks

Temple Raider III

Slay 80 Temple Knights

Devocate The Tormented I

Banish 21 Ghosts

Picking Up The Pieces II

Loot 12,000 gold pieces in one afterlife

Vanquish the Nephelim

Defeat Anakim The Abominable

Escape Pit of Reformation

Emerge back from Pit of Reformation

Challenge Them

Challenge another player

Purgatory Trial I

Complete Purgatory in 38 minutes

Purgatory Trial II

Complete Purgatory in 32 minutes

Devocate The Tormented II

Banish 61 Ghosts

Pit Of Reformation Trial

Complete Pit of Reformation in 9 minutes

Lay Them To Rest IV

Exterminate 851 Abominations

Storm the Abbey IV

Slaughter 833 Monks

Harbinger of Sorrow

Score 126 headshots in one afterlife

Purgatory Trial III

Complete Purgatory in 26 minutes

Clear Sky I

Murder 16 Cupids

Abolish The Incubi I

Kill 9 Incubi

Target Practice

Make a Headshot from far away

Fire & Ice

Kill a frozen enemy with fire

Bone Collector II

Deal 100,000 damage in one afterlife

Temple Raider IV

Slay 540 Temple Knights

Burn The Witch I

Execute 9 Banshees

Escape Pit of Perdition

Emerge back from Pit of Perdition

Purgatory On A Budget

Complete Purgatory without spending gold

Picking Up The Pieces III

Loot 24,000 gold pieces in one afterlife

Clear Sky II

Murder 66 Cupids

One Step Ahead

Kill 101 enemies with Incursion

Devocate The Tormented III

Banish 181 Ghosts


Make a Headshot from a mile away

Burn The Witch II

Execute 29 Banshees

Let them Burn

Kill 266 Burning enemies

Ruffle His Feathers

Reduce Gabriel The Fallen to 50% health

Abolish The Incubi II

Kill 39 Incubi

Crucify The Fallen

Defeat Gabriel The Fallen

Escape Pit of Immolation

Emerge back from Pit of Immolation

Harbinger of Torture

Score 266 headshots in one afterlife

Turn to Ashes

Kill 666 enemies with Cataclysm

Pit Of Perdition Trial

Complete Pit of Perdition in 8 minutes


Knock a Cupid out of the sky using your shield

Pit of Reformation Mastery

Complete Pit of Reformation at full health

Paradise Lost Trial I

Complete Paradise Lost in 33 minutes

Lay Them To Rest V

Exterminate 3001 Abominations

Paradise Lost Trial II

Complete Paradise Lost in 27 minutes

Burn The Witch III

Execute 69 Banshees

Storm the Abbey V

Slaughter 3033 Monks

River Of Blood II

Kill 15 enemies within a short time period

Pit of Perdition Mastery

Complete Pit of Perdition at full health

The Innocent I

Bring salvation to 3 Orphans

Purgatory Mastery

Defeat Anakim The Abominable at full health


Kill 666 enemies who haven't noticed your presence

Crossbow Mastery

Complete Paradise Lost using the crossbow

Paradise Lost Trial III

Complete Paradise Lost in 21 minutes

Arrow of God

Make the most unbelievably long Headshot

Temple Raider V

Slay 2190 Temple Knights

Freezing Hell

Kill 266 Frozen enemies

Burn The Witch IV

Execute 159 Banshees

Eternal Rapture

Kill a large number of enemies with a single Tempest

The Reckoning

Succesfully respond and win a challenge from another player

Devocate The Tormented IV

Banish 561 Ghosts

Clear Sky III

Murder 266 Cupids

Pit of Immolation Mastery

Complete Pit of Immolation at full health

Pit Of Immolation Trial

Complete Pit of Immolation in 7 minutes

Death by a Thousand Needles

Kill 666 enemies with Barrage of Needles


Kill 666 enemies with Ball of Lightning

Eastern Wind

Kill 666 with Tempest

River Of Blood III

Kill 21 enemies within a short time period

Bone Collector III

Deal 1,000,000 damage in one afterlife

Abolish The Incubi III

Kill 149 Incubi

The Unwanted II

Save 5 Orphans in one afterlife

Harbinger of Anguish

Score 666 headshots in one afterlife

The Unwanted I

Save 3 Orphans in one afterlife

The Great Plague

Kill 666 Poisoned enemies


Kill 101 enemies with Wrath of God

The Innocent II

Bring salvation to 23 Orphans

The Unwanted III

Save 7 Orphans in one afterlife

Clear Sky V

Murder 3666 Cupids

The Innocent III

Bring salvation to 103 Orphans

Burn The Witch V

Execute 409 Banshees

Purging the Wicked

Kill 266 Cursed enemies

Paradise Lost On A Budget

Complete Paradise Lost without spending gold

Paradise Lost Mastery

Defeat Gabriel The Fallen at full health

Sinful Current

Kill 666 enemies with Azure Fury

Clear Sky IV

Murder 966 Cupids

Devocate The Tormented V

Banish 1701 Ghosts


Kill a large number of enemies with a single Curse