Chroma Squad achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 43 unknown)

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Going indie

Complete the Prologue

Chroma Fusion

Execute a Finishing Move with basic attacks


Get maximum audience on a single episode.

Like They Do On TV

Defeat a Boss with a Finishing Move

I Play The Long Game

Sign a Marketing Agency for 3 weeks

A Good Start

Complete Season 1

This is Better

Craft an Uncommon item

With Style

Defeat a Kaiju with a Mecha Finishing Move

Can We Afford This?

Upgrade your Studio to level 2

Hype Machine

Complete a Season with Excellent performance

Cardboard Mechanic

Craft a Mecha Upgrade

Looks Like A Real Costume

Craft a Super item

Are We Famous Now?

Complete Season 2


Knockdown a Kaiju on the first turn

Fan Favorite

Activate all available Marketing Actions

Do They Handle Awards For These?

Craft a Mega item

That Escalated Quickly

Complete Season 3

By the Book

Complete all Director Instructions before Season 2

We Can Do This!

Defeat a Kaiju with the help of your fans

Best Costumes in the Galaxy

Craft an Alien item

Going Fancy

Upgrade your Studio to level 3

Heroes To Save The Earth

Complete Season 4

Chroma Beam

Execute a Finishing Move with Weapon attacks

Cardboard Overlord

Craft a Legendary item

Time to End This!

Complete Season 5

Stop running!

Defeat Lord Gaga for the third time

Fully Decked Out

Buy all Upgrades

Tourist Hero

Complete the game on Casual difficulty

Combo Fever

Reach Combo 9 with your Mecha

Moonstone and Citrine

Your squad is now bigger!

So Meta

You didn't think we would let him run the show, would you?


Complete the game on Interesting difficulty

Almighty Changing Potent Squad

Complete the game with a new friend who finds redemption.

With All My Heart

Get help from outer space

Don't Ever Forget

Honor the Ahbo family

A Hero from Outer Space

Complete the game with the peacekeepers of the Universe

I thought we were friends...

A Wild Bike and a Dive Kick

Complete the game with time travel and space trains

Save my telly!

Get to the Shopper

Spend $90.001 on the Shop

Brave Hero

Complete the game on Challenging difficulty

Episodes Hero

Complete 42 or more episodes in campaign mode.

Ultimate Hero

See all endings in the game.