Dread Nautical achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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What the Hell

Reach the foghorn on the first deck


Defeat an unaware enemy with one hit


Set an enemy on fire

Artifact Collector

Find 3 ultra rare weapons


Open a room with a special key

Shiver me timbers

Recycle 25 items


Long shot

Finish off an enemy from more than six tiles away

Hidden Stash

Find the protagonist’s special weapon


Gather information on all common enemies


Feed your survivors 100 times

Clear the deck

Defeat every enemy on deck 10


Fully upgrade the occult station

Cut and run


We're gonna need a bigger boat

Recruit 8 unique survivors

I didn’t mean to say that

Inner demon

Get off the boat

I know you

Recruit the same survivor twice during a playthrough


Complete deck 6 without taking any damage

No time for panicking

Take a panicking survivor to a deck

No One Can Stop Us!

Beat the game on insane difficulty

Edging forward

Complete a deck without hitting an enemy

Live is deJ