EvilQuest achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Cold Hearted Bastard


Heart of Stone

Icy Hand of Death


Kill 750 enemies

Hellfire and Brimstone


Geocidal Maniac

Kill 4 enemies at one time with Earth2

Ride The Lightning

Fowl Obsession

Eat 3 Whole Chickens

Reptilian Brain

Equip all Dragon Gear

Rampant Narcissism

Obtain a portrait of Galvis

Mildly Malevolent

Beat the game on Normal


Kill 1500 enemies

Murder Junkie

Murder 5 deserving NPCs

Ethereal Spirit

Equip The Invisibility Cloak

Lord of All Evil

Equip all Chaos Gear

Succubus Worship

Give 1000 GP to a dancer

Ruthless Agression

Reach a Strength level of 35

Demonic Arsonist

Kill 50 enemies with Fire2

Hypothermic Homicide

Freeze 30 enemies with Ice


Kill 5 enemies at one time with Lit2

Magus Malignus

Equip The Amulet of Magic

Fury Of The Abyss

Kill 8 enemies at one time with Shadow2


Kill 100 Dragons


Eat 10 Hams and 10 Steaks

Left-Hand Path

Reach an Intelligence level of 35


Eat 75 Pieces of Food

Unstoppable Force

Reach a Toughness level of 35

Immortal Blood

Reach a Vitality level of 35

Ultimate Archvillain

Beat the game on Difficult