Astro Boy: Edge of Time achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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Welcome to the Sprawl

Complete the Tutorial.

A New Challenger Has Arrived!

Participate in your first Tournament.

Nice to meet you.

Meet Black Jack.

Aspiring Collector

Obtain 40 different cards.

Deadcross has fallen!

Beat Deadcross.

Who Would've Known...

Complete Episode 1 in Story Mode.

Show Off

Win an online match without your avatar taking any damage.

Can't Get Enough!

Obtain 80 different cards.

I'm getting the hang of this!

Win 10 online matches.

A Fierce Competitor

Win 3 matches in the same tournament.

Moving Up in the Organization

Win 5 online matches playing as the 9 Kings.

Scientist in Training

Win 5 online matches playing as the Ministry of Science.

Join the Revolution!

Win 5 online matches playing as the Gearwork Revolution.

A Devout Disciple

Win 5 online matches playing as the Order of the Burning Feather.

Going for the Gold!

Win 5 matches in the same tournament.

Battle Savvy

Win 100 online matches.


Win 500 online matches.