Captain Kaon achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Pod Killer

You've killed some pods, yay you.

You go a medal! Go you!

It looks lonely, you should get some more...

Pod Stomper

You've squished so many pods, you monster.

Pod Bully

Now it just seems mean.......

Aww, Thanks

No Pods Survive

The carnage is unspeakable. Let us never speak of it.

Crate Collector

I don't care what's inside, it's mine

None shall pass....

..unless they bring cookies.

Death to all Pods

Is there something wrong with you?

Ceres Campaign Completed

The Ceres Revolt has been supressed.

Only the best

You know they're special when they're gold.

You've died...a lot.

Mars Campaign Completed

The machinations of Doctor Quantex are defeated.

Ship Spotter

Going for Gold

Only winners get a gold medal.

Pod Armageddon

...well...maybe chill out for a bit, yeah?

All the Gold

You're the best.

Undefeated Mars Campaign

Mars has been conquered without failing a mission

Undefeated Ceres Campaign

Ceres has been conquered without failing a mission

Trigger Happy

Do you have any bullets left?

Pile 'o Medals

You're buried under medals

Lots of Medals

You're getting good at this.

So much winning

You're unstoppable