Of Guards And Thieves achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 54 unknown)

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Win your first game

Level Up!

Your first level up!

Young Recruit

Your first year inside OGAT

Level 10

Reach level 10

2 Years Veteran

2 Years old account

OGAT Addicted Lv I

Play 100 matches in total

GaT Apprentice

Play 100 "Guards and Thieves" games

3 Years Veteran

3 Years old account

Guard Apprentice

Play 100 games as guard

Thief Apprentice

Play 100 matches as thief

Level 20

Reach level 20

4 Years Veteran

4 Years old account

OGAT Addicted Lv II

Play 500 matches in total

TDM Apprentice

Play 100 "Team Deathmatch" games

Approved Guard

Play 300 games as guard

Level 30

Reach level 30

Approved Thief

Play 300 matches as thief

GaT Master

Play 1000 "Guards and Thieves" games

GaT Expert

Play 500 "Guards and Thieves" games

IG Apprentice

Play 100 "Instagib" games

Level 40

Reach level 40

Expert Guard

Play 800 games as guard

Expert Thief

Play 800 matches as thief

CTF Apprentice

Play 100 "Capture The Flag" games

Bomb Defusal Apprentice

Play 100 "Bomb Defusal" games

5 Years Veteran

5 Years old account

TDM Expert

Play 500 "Team Deathmatch" games

Level 50

Reach level 50

OGAT Addicted Lv III

Play 2000 matches in total

OGAT Addicted Lv VI

Play 15000 matches in total

OGAT Addicted Lv V

Play 8000 matches in total

IG Master

Play 1000 "Instagib" games

Bomb Defusal Expert

Play 500 "Bomb Defusal" games

Legendary Thief

Play 8000 games as thief

Soccer Apprentice

Play 100 "Soccer" games

Racing Expert

Play 500 "Racing" games

OGAT Addicted Lv VII

Play 30000 matches in total

Level 60

Reach level 60

Elite Thief

Play 4000 matches as thief

Elite Guard

Play 4000 games as guard

CTF Master

Play 1000 "Capture The Flag" games

Racing Apprentice

Play 100 "Racing" games

Master Guard

Play 1500 games as guard

Racing Master

Play 1000 "Racing" games

Soccer Master

Play 1000 "Soccer" games

Soccer Expert

Play 500 "Soccer" games

Legendary Guard

Play 8000 games as guard

Bomb Defusal Master

Play 1000 "Bomb Defusal" games

CTF Expert

Play 500 "Capture The Flag" games

TDM Master

Play 1000 "Team Deathmatch" games

OGAT Addicted Lv IV

Play 4000 matches in total

Master Thief

Play 1500 matches as thief

IG Expert

Play 500 "Instagib" games

6 Years Veteran

6 Years old account