Onirim - Solitaire Card Game achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 58 unknown)

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Dream Cycle

Chain 3 sequences of cards in a row.

Let's dream!

Complete the tutorial.

Wake Up

Win your first game

Sweet Dreams

Win a game without triggering more than 5 Nightmares.

Starve Your Fears

Win a game while feeding no more than 12 cards to Nightmares.

Colorful Dreams

Chain 2 sequences of cards of the same color in a row.

Take a Little Nap...

Win a game with 15 cards or more in the deck.

Golden Pot at the End of the Rainbow

Win a game after unlocking only one door of each color first.

Paradoxical Sleep

Win a game with 10 or more Nightmares triggered.

Recurring Dream

Beat your previous high score.

Long Term Investment

Play the card kept with the Treasure Keeper after at least 20 turns.

Dream Runner

Unlock all the doors only by matching sequences of cards.

Flawless Design

Win a game without any non-matched cards in the labyrinth.

Incantation Adept

Unlock a door using an incantation.


Trigger 100 prohecies and incantations.

Trained Dreamer

Win 10 games.

I'm in Dreamland!

Win a game without any Nightmares triggered.

Elite Dreamer

Win the game reaching score of 6000.

Bring It On

Win a game after setting nightmare to be the next card in the deck using prophecy or squirrel spies.

A Red-Letter Night

Win a game where you unlock all red doors before any others.

Once in a Blue Moon

Win a game where you unlock all blue doors before any others.

I've Seen It All

Win a game after resolving nightmares in all possible ways.

Have a Green Thumb

Win a game where you unlock all green doors before any others.

Like an Open Book

Win a game where you unlock all brown doors before any others.

Weird Place

Make a match of 3 cards without using any Sun and Moon cards.

Glyph Keeper

Win the Glyphs game without triggering any incantations.

Famous Dreamer

Win the game reaching score of 7000.

Master Key

Unlock a door with the crossroad key.

Lucid Dreamer

Win 35 games.

Chromatic Abberation

Use the chromatic chaos on the drawn door to immediately unlock it with a key.

No Escape

Win the Crossroads and Dead Ends game without triggering Escape even once.


Win a game without manually discarding any location cards.

Last of its Kind

After discarding all cards of the kind, use the Cyclobot to get one of them back.

Legendary Dreamer

Win the game reaching score of 8000.

Portal to the Oniverse

Unlock Door to the Oniverse using incantation.

Fight Fire with Fire

Feed 4 dead ends cards to nightmare.

Great Escape

Trigger Escape to get rid of 5 dead ends at once.

Dream Team

Rally and use each unique denizen at least once.

Moby Dick

Discard the last nightmare in the deck with the Harpoon Hunter.

Steamroller of Progress

Win the Crossroads and Dead Ends game after discarding or resolving all dead ends and nightmares in the deck.


Unlock Door to the Oniverse with the Crossroad key.

Master of Dreams

Win 80 games.

Consolation Prize

Lose 100 games.

Key Keeper

Open a door with a key kept by the Treasure Keeper.

Endless Possibilities

Unlock a door using 3 crossroad cards.

Didn't Cross Your Mind

Win the Crossroads and Dead Ends game with intersections variant enabled.


Win the Door to the Oniverse game without rallying any denizens.

Big Game Hunter

Discard at least 3 nightmares with a single the Harpoon Hunter.

Ancient Artifact

Use the Cyclobot to regain discarded crossroad key.

Graffiti Master

Win the game after putting all the glyphs in the deck in the labyrinth.


Win a game where you use only Doors to resolve Nightmares.

Levy in Mass

Win the game after rallying 8 denizens.

Hammer Time

Discard at least 5 cards in a row using the Hammer Bird.


Create a sequence of 3 cards of the same symbol by using the Architect.


Unlock all the doors using only keys.

Flooding the Market

Play two cards from two Treasure Keepers in a row.

Chasing Dreams

Discard all dead ends in the deck only by triggering Escape.

Nightmare Fuel

Win a game while feeding over 36 cards to nightmares.