Trials of the Blood Dragon achievement guide & roadmap



Single and multi-player

Difficulty does NOT affect achievements

5 missable achievements (plus 1 unknown)

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On Deadly Ground

Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

Welcome to the Trials of the Blood Dragon

Life... Finds a Way

Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

Escaped the fury of a monster

Winners Don't Do Drugs

Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

Shut down the TurboCrank pipeline

You Have Chosen Wisely

Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

Found the mother of all treasures

Friendly Fire

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Get an enemy to shoot and kill another enemy

Easy to do in most levels where there is walking/shooting; alert a guard, stand behind another one, and the guy in the middle takes the flak...

No Fate But What We Make

Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

You've learned the truth. Now work on a plan

I'm Doing My Part

Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

The C.I.A. has been vanquished!

Sing Hallelujah!

Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

You've been to Hell and back

Go, Ninja, Go, Ninja, Go!

Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

"Blades of the Dragons" has been officially cancelled

We Came, We Saw, We Kicked Ass

Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

You've passed the Trials of the Blood Dragon

The Truth is Out There

Objective, Soft-missable, Anywhere,

Find all five secrets

Once you have all 5, you can go for {{Epilogue}}


Story, Optional, Anywhere,

Watch the secret ending

You need all 5 secrets first (see {{The Truth is Out There}}, once done then replay the last level ("Final Reckoning") and you'll get the secret ending - after the (skippable) credits.

This I'm trained for


Cross the track before the train in Final Reckoning


Objective, Soft-missable, Anywhere,

Score a basket

On level 3 (Hack to Slash) - after you have passed security level 5 you'll hack a computer, go upwards on a platform, and jump onto a second platform on your left.

The basketball hoop is a pipe looped out of the wall. Keep going up on the rising platform and hack the computer at the top. It will release 2 basketballs. Push them off the left and make sure they fall into the loop.

If it doesn't work out, reset back to a checkpoint - you can then re-hack the computer to get more balls.

Laser Tagged!

Objective, Soft-missable, Anywhere,

Survive 30 seconds inside the laser pit

In level 13 (R&D), about a minute into the level after a checkpoint there will be 4 sets of lasers. Survive here for 30sec! You can reset the checkpoint to try again if you need.

Start the 30sec timer by hitting the skull button in the middle. It will light up red; this means the timer has started! If the light goes out anytime then you've left the area and will need to do it again.

The lasers will turn off when the 30 sec is up.

All Grown Up Now

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Evolve your Inner Beast to its final form

Your beast evolves with XP. You get XP for doing well with levels. To get a beast to its 6th and final form is roughly the same XP as A grade on all levels...

King of the Schoolyard

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

Complete your sticker album collection

You get a sticker for each level once you've got A grade or higher - but you have to claim them in your sticker album in the hub. Once you've got {{Cybercommando}} or {{Mark VI}} you can easily have this!


Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Get an "A" Grade in all main story levels

Intensive Military Training Complete

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

You've obtained an "A" Grade in all Intensive Military Training CD-ROMs!

The CD-ROMs are inside Slays Safe, which is opened after finding all 5 secrets (see {{The Truth is Out There}}

Mark VI

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

Get an "A+" Grade in all main story levels