Angel Express [Tokkyu Tenshi] achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Bomber Devil

It take’s 100 bombs to break into the Messenger industry. Enemies do not count.

Fallen Angel

Fall from the stage 100 times and get wings!

Express Angel

Make a final delivery and beat the game

Refined Lady

Sing along… 256 mushrooms to stomp...

Legendary Angel

Attack a fire breather 20 times!

Daily Laborer

Get ‘er done Messenger! We need 10 custom stages.

Retro Gamer

Create a custom stage with at least 10 falling and speed objects

Supersonic Bunny

Complete 20 races in Versus mode with Rule 1 (Scroll Speed Up) or Rule 2 (Fixed Scroll Speed)

Bizarre Runner

Good Messengers stomp out the competition at least 200 times!

Beginner Huntress

Get a 20 win lead on other Messengers

Run Run Run!

Outrun Robo-Golem without slowing down.

Glasses Maid

Every Messenger has at least 10 individual stage replays to share!

Mistress Madam

If you have room in your bag, collect all the precious stones from 10 stages!

Long Training Hours!

Good Messengers put in at least 3 a day!

Lightspeed Fighter

Fast Messengers are all about beating Time Attack mode