Blackwell Deception achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Use both Rosa and Joey to solve a puzzle


Save a ghost... and yourself

Key Snatcher

Sometimes you've gotta rob a few old ladies...

Out of Sight

Get out of a sticky situation

Check out the Competition

Visit another psychic

Dumpster Diver

Find a lost item

Take my Card

Use Rosa's business card for an unintended purpose

Music Lover

Find Jamie's favorite song

Still Got It

Not bad, for a dead guy

Back from Beyond

Come back from the void


Free Rosa

Medium Well Done

Complete the game once

Bullet Dodger

Escape the yacht with only getting shot once

Ghosts of the Past

Find all the references to previous games in Rosa's apartment

Face Plant

Abuse an innocent

Blowey Mallone

Use Joey's breath ability on at least 10 people

Button Pusher

Open the secret compartment on the first try

Listen Closely, Now

Finish the game in commentary mode