Midsummer Night achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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That's my job!

Find the dugout in the forest

Terror of frogs

Step on a frog 3 times

Power of herbs

Collect antidote

Unauthorized eyes

Punch a one-eyed likho 3 times

Half an hour

60 minutes

Keen eye

Find caves in the forest

Herb Expert

Examine 4 sorts of flowers using Q key


Take 3 attempts to pass one of challenges

Rage of amphibians


Find the trail of the beast

Light foot

Cross the swamps

–°onceal master

Wait out an ancient deity awakening in a hidden place

Two hours

Bear's secret

Reveal bear's secret


Take 9 attempts to pass one of challenges

A long pull uphill

Climb up the hill

Golden Oak

Complete the game

It that lives in the forest

Anthropologist of the Year

Listen to the story to the end

Water way

Get to the Flooded island by water

Big ear

Exit kremlin underground by the sound of the stream

Traditions destruction

Encourage peasants to change their attitude toward village elders


Cross the river over the log

Saviour of starving ones

Save the baby from starvation

Rescuer of drowners


Get even with the bear

Forest's friend

Help the Apple Tree


Get to the Flooded island by underway

Family bonds

Help the ghost find his parents

What a twist!

Reveal Man's name

Flood in chamber

Exit kremlin underground through the Red Chamber


Use squirrel to get the boat